Shickle K9


 I've left my German Shepherd - Hildi with Andy for one week so far and I can say as of now that with all of the tips Andy has given me, her temperament has changed completely. It's almost like I'm dealing with a completely different dog. Leash training and jumping on people still needs a tad bit of work but I'm excited to get her back to Andy tomorrow to help her out even more. Thanks Andy

From N.K.

If you want the best K9 training in the area with the guy with the most experience. You've come to the right place. If you have a troubled dog and looking for a change of behavior, your search has come to an end.

From M. D. 

Every single person we have referred to Shickle K9 has came back and thanked us for pointing them in his direction. There's simply no one better in our area...and beyond! We will happily continue to refer friends and clients because we know what the result will be! 5 Stars!

From A. R. 

I have a million and one great things to say about Andrew Shickle. As the mommy of Jeff....I couldn't be happier. Andy truly has a gift. I felt so comfortable leaving by baby with him. There is something to be said about loving what you do, you can see the joy in both Andy and the dog when they are working together. Andy has a passion that you can out worldly see and it shows with the results I see in my dog.
100 times I will say that it was so worth it!!!

From A. R. 

Not just a good dog trainer but a good person/handler trainer as well. Andy not only can train dogs, he's able to communicate to you how to train your dog. His passion shows through his work. Trouble shooting/problem solving are welcomed by Andy; Dogs testing all the "tools in his toolbox". 

From C. L. B. 

My 3 year old golden retriever- Leah had anxiety with thunderstorms n sudden loud noises.. Andy met with me n Leah one time n since then Leah has done fantastic with thunderstorms n is getting better with the sudden loud noises.... Thanks Andy!!!!!

From A. D. M.

We now have had Pippen home for three days and he is amazing - thanks Andrew, you exceeded our expectations - we now have a dog who will be our perfect companion. Thanks, thanks, thanks

From E. S. 

I've seen his work with dogs. Its amazing. You can see the love he has for the dogs just amazing

From R. T. 

Andy worked with my mother and her Papillon today. He gave her all the tools she needed and exercises necessary for obedience training. He came to her home which is a big plus for my mother. Thanks Andy I will refer you to others!

From C. S. 

Andy is awesome! After about an hour we learned so much, positive we r going to have a wonderful dog. Thanks again Andy!!

From E. C. 

Great Trainer have one his dogs. She's awesome.

From C. C. 

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