Shickle K9

About Us


Hello! My name is Andrew Shickle, owner of Shickle K9. If you are active in dog training or dog activities in Central Illinois, you probably already know me. But for those who do not, I will share with you my history.

Great Dogs are created.

They are not born knowing what you want them to know. We must teach them. That's where I come in.

Most dogs try and please you, however, often times your dog does not understand what you want them to do. Let us teach them. We provide a base of communication in training that speaks to each particular dog.  Just like people, each dog learns in their own specific way. Obedience is a game to the dog, which they loves to play!

It is not about being the Alpha or fear or even respect.  What it is, is a true and clear understanding between you and your dog.

 My goal is to teach you the attitude and take the moment to look in your dogs eyes and let them know that, "I lead and you follow and we will make your life easy" 

Communication makes not jumping on the house guests or pulling you around the block on the leash possible in a very short amount of time. 

We teach communication which is the foundation of all tasks that we ask for out of our dogs. Let us help you build a rock solid form of communication between you and your dog that will last a lifetime.

Let us help you today!

Dogs are marvelous and brilliant creatures capable of learning far more than the average person teaches them.

I am passionate about teaching you how to communicate with your dog.


Rik Wolterbeek / trainer

 Started training dogs in Holland in 1974 by becoming a KNPV member. Became a regional KNPV Decoy in 1976 and a National decoy in 1978. Worked as manager/trainer/decoy for the K9 unit of the biggest security company in Holland for 11 years. Titled my DS Nikkie in KNPV PH1 getting a certificate with honors with 418 points. Moved to the USA in 1993. Instructed at well over 100 seminars all over the USA and the Caribbean for LE and military. Was in Iraq in 2004 as a contractor working an Explosives detection dog.  In 2013 acquired in Holland, trained in Florida and delivered to Central Africa 6 tracking dogs. Stayed there for 3 weeks to train the handlers with their new dogs. Currently active as senior judge for the sport of APA (American Politiehond Association)  doing seminars and judging all over the USA.


JANNA ENRIQUEZ / ADMIN. ASSISTANT / Nutritionist / Trainer

Hi, my name is Janna Enriquez. I help out with the administration side of things.  Our trainers are often busy and I can respond back to your inquires quickly. I can have your questions answered and your pup on the schedule in no time. 

I'm a nutritionist in addition to a trainer and foster mom.  If you have any questions about what to feed your dog, please let me know. Raw, kibble, home made... I can help!  



 I have been passionate about and lived with dogs my entire life. I trained my first dog, Zinny, a German Shepard, while in high school.  Working with Zinny sparked a keen interest in dog behavior and ignited a dream of training dogs and their people as a career.  With this in mind, I attended Purdue University and received my Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences with a concentration on animal behavior and well-being.  While at Purdue, I worked at Almost Home Humane Society where I was involved in temperament testing all dogs prior to adoption, evaluating dogs for play groups, and working with adopters to help resolve canine behavior issues.  Dog behavior and training has been a lifelong interest and I am always striving to use that knowledge to make dogs’ and their owners’ lives more enjoyable.